Welcome to Anxious Black Man

Welcome to Anxious Black Man! This is a personal blog created and run entirely by me. Who am I, you ask? Well you’ll have to wait and find out next week in another episode of Anxious Black Man! Haha just kidding I can tell you a few things, this post will be deleted immediately after you’ve read it anyway. My middle name is Emmanuel and I go by this but my first name is Oluwasijibomi. It’s a name in the Yoruba language which means “God watch over me.” Only my parents say the full thing sometimes so just call me Siji or Emmanuel you won’t be able to pronounce the full thing anyway lol. I’m a 20 year-old British-Nigerian guy from Leeds currently studying English Literature and Film at the University of Kent in Canterbury. The reason this blog is called “Anxious Black Man” is because I’m an anxious black man (shocker) but seriously it’s because I often feel anxious and this is often related to my identity as a black man. I have a lot of “interesting” thoughts and ideas so I thought I’d share them with the two people including myself who are gonna read it (that’s you mum). I’ve had several blogs in the past but I think and hope this will be the one that sticks around for a while and I’ll try to update it regularly (at least once a week, maybe). I also have a really goofy sense of humour so if you haven’t already gotten tired of it I hope you stick around on this journey with me. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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