Pray for me

This is just a quick update before I go on a mini-hiatus. I need y’all to pray for me. I’m getting the results of my final assignments of the year next Friday. I feel like I did well on one of them but on the other one I’m not strong at I don’t feel particularly good. In fact, I feel very nervous because on the first essay for that module I didn’t spend enough time on it and ended up getting it flagged for plagiarism. That was the first time it has happened to me in my academic career and I hope it’s the last time. I ended up getting a passing grade but it means I have do well on the second assignment I’m getting back and on my upcoming exam. I’ve got two exams, one in Empire, New Nations and Migration which I really enjoyed and feeling quite good about. The other is Early Modern Literature and that’s the module I didn’t enjoy as much and need to work a lot on. So until the 22nd of this month which is when my second and final exam is I will be entirely focused on revision. I’m hoping to get a first on Empire and at least the minimum for a 2:1 on Early Modern.  I won’t be posting anything until after both exams are over but then I’ll be back to posting regularly. I’m thinking about posting more than once a week when I’m back I have a lot of ideas and I want to post some reviews I’ve written in the past on the blog.

In addition, I’m getting really into theatre, poetry and plays more and more. I went to a live poetry performance by a Nigerian-British-Irish poet called Inua Ellams. He gave an incredible performance, telling the amazing story of his life growing up in Nigeria moving to London and then to Ireland and back to England. It was a touching, heartbreaking and inspiring performance! When he started crying I was very close to tearing up as well. I’m very happy to see black men being more open with their emotions and expressing their feelings. I think society as a whole needs to encourage men (especially black men) to open up more and seek help if they’re suffering from mental issues. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I was very emotional as a teenager (honestly I still am) and writing and talking about my feelings online was one of the ways I coped with my emotions. So look forward to some of that in the future haha. Anyway, back to revision now thanks everyone for the support so far you’ve been amazing thanks for rocking with me. I’ve got a lot more to talk about when I’m back!!

Check out the work of Inua Ellams here.

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