I’m writing this as I recover from a hangover after two nights out in a row. I’m finally free. This Monday, I finished my last exam…ever!! I only had two exams this year and I felt they both went really well. My second and last exam was on a module I found quite difficult but it went a lot better than I expected. I’ll be getting my results next month so hopefully I do well! I’m so glad to be free. I had spent more than a month of revising pretty much every day for most of the day. I’d wake up, go to the library in the early afternoon and came back late at night. It was dull, depressing and repetitive and I’m so glad it’s over. It was poignant that in my last exam I finished 5 mins early and for the first time ever I got to leave early. Since finishing on Monday, I’ve been really enjoying my free time. I just started reading The Famished Road by Ben Okri, it’s a very long novel but it’s very critically acclaimed so I’m looking forward to reading more. I’ll write a review when I’m done reading but that might not be for another more or so. It also feels weird but great to spend a whole day doing nothing and not feel guilty about it. I’ve had a lot of fun these past couple of days I just appreciate life so much right now. I went to two BBQs two consecutive days in a row, I’ve been to three house parties in two days and am currently suffering from how much I’ve indulged myself. But hey treat yo’ self!


I’ve got a lot of plans for this summer. I’m gonna be reading and writing a lot, expect more frequent posts on this blog. I’m hoping to travel somewhere in Europe, I would love to go to Paris, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. I’m gonna try to find some work experience. I’m working a script for a short film which I’ll hopefully make this year or next year. As well as that, I’m still applying for internships for my placement year. I haven’t received any offers yet unfortunately but I’m not going to give up easily. Even though that’s one thing I’m not happy about, I’m very happy about all other aspects of my life right now. I feel more happy and confident than I ever have and if you know me personally you know I haven’t always been this way, I’ve grown as a person more in the past 2 years than I have in my entire life. Even though I’m not religious anymore I wouldn’t have been able to survive all these stressful situations for the past month without praying. I pray almost every night because I need some kind of reassurance as you now know if you didn’t already I worry a lot and that anxiety can be unbearable if I don’t have some kind of comfort. I don’t know whether God exists but I know that I might be in a very bad place without having some comfort in knowing that I matter in this world and someone or something cares about me. So honestly I thank God because I know all this strength doesn’t just come from me. Stay tuned for more posts, there probably won’t be a regular schedule but I’ll try to post as much as I can, thanks for reading!

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