Hello, my name is Emmanuel which is my middle name but the name I go by. My first name is actually a Yoruba name, Oluwasijibomi, which means “God watch over me.” I’ve gone by Emmanuel since I moved to England a decade ago at the age of 9 from Nigeria. In Nigeria I went by Siji and my parents still sometimes call me that so you can call me either Emmanuel or Siji. I’m a 20-year old British-Nigerian black man (obviously) who loves films, television, music, literature, art, video-games and has a goofy sense of humour. I write about all these things and more, including race issues. So why Anxious Black Man? Well two of these things define my place in society the most. My privileged identity as a man in society and my unprivileged identity as a black man in Western society. These two identities constantly conflict with my sense of anxiety. I do not suffer from an anxiety disorder as far as I’m aware but like everyone I feel anxious at times in certain situations but I feel it perhaps more so than most people. It isn’t always an immediate feeling, I used to be very shy but now I’m usually quite comfortable in social situations despite still being an introvert. It’s a feeling I often get late at night trying to go to sleep and overthinking. So the reason this blog is called “Anxious Black Man” is because I’m an anxious black man (shocker) but seriously it’s because I often feel anxious and this is often related to my identity as a black man. I’m going to write about all kinds of things including everything I’ve mentioned so far and I hope you enjoy reading this blog! Feel free to contact me at anytime!

Peace and love, Emmanuel/Siji